Exhibition 2016: checkered Lapitec® kitchen countertop and table for Pedini

After having sealed 2015 with the Art & Craft project for which Pedini® had chosen the full body sintered stone to make its kitchen countertops and backs, the Exhibition 2016 will be the right occasion to expose Lapitec® at the Furniture Exhibition.
In pavilion 9, stand C01-C03, Pedini will indeed present a kitchen with a Lapitec® countertop in a Satin finish and which was chosen to create a pleasant visual effect, thanks to a silk-like smooth surface. The Polar White color also emphasizes the elegance of the kitchen by simultaneously conferring both a sweet and strong character.
Inside the stand - in addition to the reception and two tops of the lounge area, achieved in Cement Gray - there is also a space dedicated to a special project whose protagonist is Lapitec®; with an unusual application that better expresses the potential of sintered stone. In fact, Pedini will bring a big 4-meter long table designed like a checkerboard. The optical effect is both impactful and delicate because the rhythmic alternations on the surface were created with different colors and textures, such as the Cement Gray Lux and Vesuvio in this case. The play of lights thus creates different reflections depending on the surface it is projected on: a touch of strong aesthetic appeal.