​Lapitec® enriches the Franke catalogue with four finishes and 10 colour

International debut in Swissbau, from the 12th to the 16th of January, for the two companies' partnership: in Basel (Hall 2.1/F72), the first presentation of the new catalogue to the general public and professionals. 
2016 is the beginning of a new partnership between two prominent brands of the international kitchen industry. Franke, since January, offers a new finish made in partnership with Lapitec®. This news is called Franke Stone by Lapitec® and it brings all the technical and aesthetic properties of full body sintered stone to the Swiss company's catalogue. 
Four finishes and ten colours for exclusive beauty
The Franke countertops are available in four finishes that offer various experiences to the touch while maintaining the high level of usability of kitchens. Dune recalls the sand of the desert and the charm of broken stone, typical of slate; Vesuvio is a more structured surface, with a sandblasted and brushed effect, where the appearance of a flamed granite reduces the slipperiness of its surface; Satin expresses refined elegance and a silky-like look; Lux enhances and amplifies the light of any room in a natural and delicate manner. The ten colours available cover the entire colour palette and allow you to harmonize the kitchen countertop with all the home environments and aesthetic styles. Artico, Bianco Polare, Tabacco, Moca, Ebano, Grigio Cemento, Grigio Piombo, Nero Antracite, Arabescato Perla and Arabescato Corallo are the colours of choice: ten opportunities to create a kitchen full of emotions.
Nature and technology to create the material of the future
Franke Stone by Lapitec® is a perfect synthesis of ingenuity and natural elements. The full body sintered stone is indeed 100% natural and without any resins or petroleum derivatives. The patented production process also ensures the utmost mechanical strength of the material and makes it possible to create big slabs (1500x3365 mm) that are available in three different calibrated thicknesses, 12, 20 and 30 mm. Such features make it possible to reduce joints, as much as possible, and to make elegant and refined kitchen countertops. Franke Stone by Lapitec® is also resistant to acids, heat and UV rays, but it is also antibacterial, stain resistant and easy to clean: ideal properties for kitchen materials, where beauty and usability must be on the same level.