At KBIS 2016, Lapitec® presents the new finishes and colours to the American market

From the 19th to the 21st of January, the company will exhibit the latest novelties in Las Vegas, in a stand (nr. 126) created to show the three different applications of the full body sintered stone: indoor kitchen, outdoor kitchen and bathroom. 
Lapitec® has chosen KBIS 2016 to bring the latest finishes and colours to the United States, but also to introduce the variety of state of the art accessories and tools conceived to process the material to all designers and architects. The excellent aesthetic qualities are better expressed through the three different settings created to represent, within the stand, the indoor kitchen, the outdoor kitchen and the bathroom.
The new finishes and colours further enhance the numerous opportunities that can be achieved with sintered stone.
Since it was launched, Lapitec® was recognized by architects and designers as an innovative and versatile material that can combine the highest technical qualities to the utmost elegance. Three new finishes are added to the four collections: Arena is a smooth and sandblasted finish with a regular grain that confers a natural dynamism to the entire slab. Lithos is a finely wrinkled surface and, thanks to its subtle depressions, the result always provides new perceptions to the touch. Dune is soft to the touch, very similar to slate. New colours are also added to these models. Two choices at the extremes of the color palette: Moca and Artico. The first is represented by warm and Mediterranean-like colors. Artico, however, is white and ethereal for the purity of its colour. Michelangelo, however, is a light arabesque whose veins run throughout the thickness of the slab to confer an extremely charming effect.  
Maistri interprets the new colors in an entirely Lapitec® kitchen
Two symbols of the Made in Italy, Maistri and Lapitec®, partnered up to suggest sensational products. The kitchen that will be presented at KBIS was conceived based on this inspiration. The project perfectly interprets the two new colours of Lapitec®'s color palette. In fact, Maistri used the Moca and Artico over a surface of three linear meters and chose the sintered stone to achieve the countertop, drawers and encasing of the equipped wall. Every day, this kitchen will host a cooking show because, for Lapitec®, something is only beautiful if it's functional.
With LUWA and Lapitec®, the outdoor kitchen becomes the home's centerpiece.
The properties of Lapitec® also make it an ideal material for outdoor applications. The same elegance of an indoor kitchen's countertop can now also be expressed in a garden or terrace. This was inspired by the partnership between Pental, the US supplier of the Italian company, and LUWA, a point of reference in the US for the best worldwide brands of outdoor furnishings. At Kbis, the outdoor kitchen made with a 30mm thick Lapitec® countertop in a Satin, Nero Antracite colour, but with a Bianco Polare, Vesuvio finish on the frontal elements, will be presented.
A bathroom that enhances the beauty of Lapitec®
At the stand, in Las Vegas, the company has dedicated a section to the world of bathrooms, with two different Lapitec® interpretations. All the vertical coatings, floors, top surface and sink were entirely made with the sintered stone, alternating from Nero Antracite, Grigio Cemento and Bianco Polare. The details of the two sinks are very special: one was excavated to exploit the 30 mm thickness in order to create a natural inclination, while the second is a reconstructed top, a perfect example of the great precision that can be achieved with Lapitec®.